About Linda Slater

Linda Slater

Linda Slater,

 English artist, best known for equine studies and race horse paintings but also for landscapes,  people and pets.

You can purchase prints from www.ebay.co.uk

Contact me directly by email: mail@lindaslater.co.uk

“Ever since I can remember I have painted or drawn animals, my love for the countyside has been a constant source of inspiration and my collection of artwork grows by the day.
I really enjoy  horse racing, the beauty of the horses, the colours and excitement that goes with it gives me endless subjects to paint. I now have a collection of over 100 different paintings from those that have caught my eye or have captured my imagination in some way. By the end of 2008 I had my work endorsed by many famous names in the business, from jockeys to trainers and have sold prints all over the World.
Having owned, loved and ridden many horses over the years they have a great place in my heart, along with all the dogs and animals I have had the joy of owning.
Due to the fact that I am a long term Diabetic, the constant fear of possibly losing my sight haunts me. It makes it seem more urgent to paint as much as I can, while I can. 
I find it very satisfying and rewarding to know that people enjoy what I do and would like to thank everyone for their help and encouragement.” – Linda

Linda Slater & Bob Champion

 “This picture of Bob Champion and myself was taken at an auction to raise  money for Bob Champion’s Cancer Trust & Upsides for Autism held at     Tavistock. The painting sold for over £500 along with several framed prints of mine all of which went to the Charities.”
“Some of the paintings on this website were done in Acrylic on canvas, some were done on art paper, board or canvas paper and some of my older work was done in watercolour on board.
My recent work is usually done on canvas in Acrylic paint. They will last for years and the racing pictures  in particular, make a good investment.  I have captured a moment in history with the success of Kauto Star and Denman and like Desert Orchid will be remembered for a long time to come.”


2 thoughts on “About Linda Slater”

  1. you have a great gift Linda.

    Use it for others to enjoy and help many otheres along the way!


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